Corporate Policy

Corporate Policy

FY2022 Fukoku Management Policy

Basic Policy

Human Resources Development

  • To make our dreams come true, encourage our employees to be able to think thoroughly from a broad perspective and act valuntarily to improve individual and organizational problem solving skills.

Safety is the Top Priority

  • Safety always comes first. Each employee follows the rules to create a physically and mentally sound and safe working environment.

Establish a Solid Quality Foundation

  • To deliver safe and secure products to our customers, each employee fulfills individual responsibilities through “Own Process Completion” to achieve superlative quality.

Harmonize with the Global Environment

  • To protect our earth from environmental degradation, each employee implements pro-environmental behaviors to fulfill corporate social responsibility.

Annual Policy

The Fukoku Group aims to become an Excellent Company that continues to grow globally by creating new products that exceed expectations of society. We strive to resolve social issues and move toward the realization of a sustainable carbon-free society.

1. Create new products and new businesses

We co-create new value with our clients by presenting new technologies and new products which combine imagination with our core technologies.

2. Strengthen profitability of existing businesses

We work to improve product value and productivity by futher strengthening ties among our group companies and departments.

3. Promote employee growth and diversity

We aim to build a respectful, diverse workplace where employees will acquire a wide range of experience and high expertise to grow together.

4. Raise compliance awareness

We maintain constant consideration for the environment, respect for human rights, awareness of compliance issues, and act in accordance with Action Guidelines.

5. Promote reduction of environmental impact

We strive to reduce environmental burden by improving the efficiency of resource and energy use through the entire process for each corporate activity.

1st January 2022

Takashi Ogawa

Chief Executive Officer, Fukoku Co., ltd.